1. What is your turnaround time?

For screen-printing and sublimation, we have a week turnaround time from the day we have a final list of sizes. For embroidery, we have a two week turnaround time since we do not have the equipment in-house.

If your order needs Miami or Greek approval, we add 3-5 days to the turnaround time. If you need to rush this approval process, we add a $5 rush fee.

2. I need my order ASAP! Is there a rush charge?

Don't worry! We gotcha. However, we have a $30 fee for your order to be processed and completed within three business days. If your order also needs Miami or Greek approval, then there is the $30 charge plus a $5 fee for a rush-ordered approval.

3. I want a specific style/ specific fabric type. Do you have it?

We probably have anything your heart desires. Check out all of our vendors: SanMar, TSC, S&S, and Holloway Sports. If we don't have what you need, you can always supply your own tees and we'll print on them for you.

4. I don't have any artwork. Can you make some for me?

Of course! If you need custom artwork, there is a $25 art deposit that will be refunded to you once you pick up your completed items. We love our artists and once you see their work, you'll love them too!

5. What kind of artwork files do you need?

We need an .ai, .png., .eps, or a high-resolution j-peg in order to convert your design. Otherwise, we will have to recreate your original artwork. Also when sending editable files, please convert any fonts to shapes!

6. Why do you need to submit my design to miami/greek licensing?

Miami University and Greek Organizations have strict guidelines on what can and cannot have their name on it. Therefore anything mentioning Miami University or a Greek sorority or fraternity, whether in spirit or with literal representation, needs to be submitted for review. Absolutely no exceptions!

Also: we must supply the apparel items for all Miami and Greek licensed orders. 

7. I still have questions!!!

Oh goodness! Send all your questions, queries, and quandaries to: orders@lebowskitees.com