Screen printing

Traditional screen printing is our specialty. Using a polyester mesh screen, we deposit ink onto your tee through your custom design stencil. Only one color can be used per screen which necessitates the work of our craftsmen. We can screen print on thousands of garments in numerous colors.


We offer a price break when ordering 10 or more garments.

Charges apply per color screen, per side, etc.

Please email us for a detailed quote!



New: Foil Overlay!

Any ink color can have an overlay of foil to make your design shimmer and shine!

Pricing: adds $3 per shirt

Colors: Red, Silver, Gold, & Green



Do you have a multi-colored, gradient, or complex design? Do you want to print a personal image on your t-shirt? Our sublimation service allows for 100% photo fidelity and color matching! There is no cracking, fading, or peeling of the finished design. Sublimation designs can only be printed on a 100% white polyester t-shirt.


1-4 shirts: $25 each, 5-11 shirts: $20 each, 12-40: $15 each

Add a back print for $5!


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